Reflection Theme & Prayer


We reflected on “Hope” as our theme throughout the year 2017. Our theme for Reflection in 2018 will be the virtue of “Generosity.” We want to explore and reflect on “Being Generous” as our way of being, of living and of acting. I invite all of you to walk with me on this journey of being and becoming generous and learning to be generous and treating ourselves and others generously no matter what life may bring as we continue our journey. Join me in being and becoming generous as our God is generous to us.

Our Sacred Scriptures proclaim the greatness of our God, the abundance of his love, the generosity of his heart and compassion that flows from a heart of Love. Generosity is being mindful of others and looking out for the needs of others! It is other-centeredness. The generosity of our God and that of others calls us to become generous with all that we are and have. May our lives reflect the generosity of our God! Join me on this journey of being and becoming generous as our God is generous to us.

Fr. Gus

2018 Wellspring Prayer

This is my prayer for you:

that you may begin each day of 2018 with gratitude for all that has been and with a deep desire to welcome and embrace all that the Lord sends.

that you may welcome all who come into our life and see all of life as God’s marvelous gift.

that you may rise each day with desire and decision to love life, love people, love God’s creation and love God with all that you are.

that you keep your heart in a good place, a place of love and peace and that you live and move from this good place.

that you have a big heart, a heart of abundant love and that your love becomes gracious and generous.

that you give yourself generously and joyfully to the world around you, without counting the cost and without expecting rewards.

May the year 2018 be God’s wonderful gift to you and I pray that you will make it a gracious, generous and joyful gift to all you meet on your journey. May God bless you with the richest and finest of his blessings and keep you safe in the center of His Love!

True generosity is an offering; given freely, out of pure love.

Fr. Gus

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