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Reflection Theme & Prayer


We reflected on “Mercy” as our theme throughout the year 2016. I offered you thoughts on mercy every day as part of our “Daily Reflections.” I now offer “Hope” as our theme of Reflection in 2017. Along with bringing you messages of hope as part of our “Daily Reflections”, I will offer several different series on the virtue of Hope on Tuesday evenings.  These series will be filled with meditations, reflections and the study of Hope.  Wellspring will also offer monthly retreats on the virtue of Hope through the year. Please join me in reflecting on being People of Hope.

Our hope is rooted in the unconditional love of God who never gives up on anyone.  His love for all is steadfast, everlasting and unconditional.  Our hope is not a passive waiting for things to happen. It is a dynamic force that empowers us to walk in faith even when things are not working out as planned. Being a dynamic force, hope is both a sign of power and a sign of powerlessness. So much so, Hope is power in powerlessness. Let us strive to become men and women of hope, speak a language of hope, become optimistic and bless the world. 

Join me as we explore and reflect on “being hopeful” as our way of being, of living and of acting. I invite all of you to walk with me on this journey of contemplating the gift of hope and bringing hope into the world around us.

Fr. Gus

2017 Wellspring Prayer

This is my prayer for you:

that you may be blessed and empowered with hope to walk in the mystery of 2017.

that you may be men and women of hope – that “hopefulness” becomes your character, the quality of your person.

that you may be optimistic about life and the world around you.

that you may hold your head high even in the midst of difficulties, trials, testing times and tragedies which life brings.

that you will reach out in love and compassion and bring hope to the many who live in unhealthy, uncertain, painful, sinful and violent situations.

that you will be a channel of hope for those who carry heavy burdens of sin, failure, imperfections, shortfalls and the like.

May the year 2017 be God’s wonderful gift to you and I pray that you will make it a gracious and joyful gift to all you meet on your journey. May God bless you with the richest and finest of his blessings and keep you safe in the center of His Love!

Let the difficulties of life make you better, not bitter.

Fr. Gus