“The Missionaries of St. Francis De Sales” (also known as “Fransalian Missionaries”) is a missionary religious congregation founded in France by Fr. Peter Mermier under the patronage of St. Francis De Sales in 1838. The Missionaries went to India in 1845. Today, there are nine provinces in India, France-Switzerland, England, Brazil and Africa and growing missions in America, Austria, Germany, Philippines, West Indies and Chile. We have taken up new and challenging missions in Chad, Namibia and Mozambique in Africa. Missionaries also are sent to serve in parishes at the request of Bishops from various dioceses all over the world.

Most of our missionaries work in developing countries. Our pastoral work consists of evangelization, education, reaching missions, formation of clergy, social and developmental activities, etc. We have special concern for the education of children and adults in villages in developing countries. We have many parishes, missions, schools, orphanages, technical institutes, non-formal professional training opportunities, etc. In our pastoral ministry, we try to focus on the development of the whole person in all the ways that we possibly can.

Our mission in America is growing. We have forty-nine priests in pastoral ministry in thirteen different dioceses in USA including four priests in the Diocese of Tyler. We have a well established Center for spirituality, Wellspring, in the Diocese of Tyler.

Wellspring, Fransalian Center for Spirituality, was founded by Fr. Gus Tharappel, blessed by Msgr. Joe Strickland on January 24, 1998 and hosted by Mr. George Murad in his mother’s house on Fleishel in Tyler. As the ministry grew and the needs increased it became necessary to move to a more convenient location. Most Rev. Edmond Carmody, then Bishop of Tyler, blessed the present home of Wellspring on Rhones Quarter Road on September 13, 1998.

The main focus of Wellspring is to offer spiritual growth programs. Wellspring offers many programs and opportunities for spiritual growth.  Please see our page on the spiritual growth opportunities at Wellspring.  Wellspring is supported by voluntary contributions from individuals in the community.

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